Dawnkey Kawng is the Fortran of Donkey Kong and friend of Deedy Kawng. He got hit by Fortran as a child and thats were he got his powers. He has a red eye which was the power Fortran gave him. He can turn people into bananas.
Dawnkey Kawng
His rival is King K. Roul. His father is Donkey and his son is Dewnky Kawng. Dawnkey Kawng used to be a generic enemy who liked to climb vines and throw bananas at people until the Young Fortran threw a crate at him, turning him evil and knocking out his teeth and giving him a permanent red eye. The red eye became the key to Dawnkey's banana powers. Generations later, he teamed up with Deedy Kawng in Xiang Jiao Chuan to kill the Kramlings, short stumpy alligator things who want to use Dawnkey's banana powers to cure world hunger. Dawnkey and Deedy killed the Kramling leader, King K. Roul, and then rode the largest banana into the night sky.