• Glitch56


    December 6, 2018 by Glitch56


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  • Goosethehonker


    October 29, 2018 by Goosethehonker


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  • PatrickBobSponge
    • Duhg Phunnee (Doug Funnie from Doug)
    • Awrnuld Shawrtmayin (Arnold Shortman from Hey Arnold!)
    • Grehg Hephlee (Greg Heffley from Diary of a Wimpy Kid)
    • Rahwlee Gephursun (Rowley Jefferson from Diary of a Wimpy Kid)
    • Beeg Nayte/Nayte Rite (Big Nate/Nate Wright from Big Nate)
    • Nawstahljeah Kreeteek/Duhg Wawlkur (Nostalgia Critic/Doug Walker)
    • Chawrlee Bawkeht (Charlie Bucket from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory/Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)
    • Weeleh Wawnkuh (Willy Wonka from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory/Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)
    • Steehv (Steve from Blue's Clues)
    • Jaow (Joe from Blue's Clues)
    • Leenkawruh (Linkara)
    • Feelawz (Phelous)
    • Der Seenemah Snawb/Bred Jawnz (The Cinema Snob/Brad Jones)
    • Wrehn Hawek (Ren Hoek from The Ren and Stimpy Show)
    • S…
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  • PatrickBobSponge

    I now declare The Great Malleo Wiki to not only have Weegee-related stuff, it now can have YTP-related stuff, meme-related stuff, and just pure randomness, kind of like the Uncyclopedia, UnAnything Wiki, YouTube Poop Wiki, and Chewiki combined.

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  • L.J.S guy


    April 4, 2015 by L.J.S guy

    Sorry  Guy's no one's been really active. I feel alone on this wiki so I am leaving..

    bye. And my last request I will be making...........unoriginaleegee...for all the people who hate recolors.. I will also be removing my ideas from this wiki..but i will be making on new idea..

    Acholholeegee.........based of the ugliest bootleg game.

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  • L.J.S guy

    I've made a blog that had to do with stealing and plagerism. So lets give a hand of the people we give credit to here!

    • Fusajiro Yamauchi (Maker of Nintendo: Nintendo 1889-Present( R.I.P)
    • Shigeru Miyamoto (Maker of Mario,Zelda,Star Fox,Donkey kong,Pikmin and many other series)
    • MonkeyinCloset (Maker of Weegee,without him none of this would be here)
    • TheMarioBrother (Betrayed in the end but made the Weegee fad and Malleo AND many more Weegee's)
    • FroggyCompany (Friend of TMB and made a few Weegees that we use on the wiki like Worieow)
    • MrL345 (Made a few Weegee's and forms)
    • DonutMan (Made a few Weegee's and Tode)
    • Gunpei Yokoi (Maker of Metroid and Kid Icarus sadly died R.I.P)
    • DawnkeyKawng (On DevianArt and Youtube he did many Weegee related stuff)
    • Superawe…

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  • L.J.S guy

    Well the wiki is 40% active but I want us to make new pages,we don't have alot of Guiyii,Uigi or Magga pages. Also I've though about Plagerism,We should make a page about who we should credit for becuase I think we've stolen ideas from Nintendo and others so I think we should make a blgo about credit. Also Lets try to expand our wiki,and get a little bit more active here. This wiki with me and others was going round the ocean but it appears the boat has stopped in the ocean,so lets get a bit more active here. Give credit and be active! :) . I've thought bout this when I was in school. Say yes or no in the comments below. I feel as if I'm the only one doing the work and I don't wanna make this wiki go downhill. I feel like Owner here since …

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  • Suhkaruh


    June 9, 2014 by Suhkaruh

    Hey so I got personal stuff in reality so this is why im hardly on

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  • L.J.S guy

    Almost Summer!!

    June 4, 2014 by L.J.S guy

    Idk if ur having summer but Since its lamost usmmer for some of us I might be able to have time to do and adjust this wiki. I might take requests. I might update the wiki and might post more sutff and expand the cimmunity.

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  • L.J.S guy

    Malleo and murio

    April 29, 2014 by L.J.S guy

    I have a question.Well I saw a big mario sprite in mario is missing that appears what lagnuage you want your game.Also it looks just like mruio.Should I remove murio (my weegee) for this new malleo form or not?Also should I make mario's early years Forms of weegee and malleo (cuz its in mario discovery series) or just new weegees?

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  • L.J.S guy

    Rosalina Weegee?

    April 29, 2014 by L.J.S guy

    Hi guys I have a question who should be the Weegee Rosalina here.  There is 3 of them we need one!The three are Rosahlenah (Therealulona made),Rozhuhlina (Also Therealulona and Rasealonia  (By mrl349) Which one should we add we should make a vote or something to see what is the best one?

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